Witness: WC’s of Southern Comfort & Charm

Witness: WC’s Southern Comfort & Charm

This newish Broadway bar has delivered great times every visit! Drinks are Southern kitsch with their Libations menu! The decor is classic, clean Southern church themed, and the bar staff are classy, talented and well dressed. The head bartender leads a passionate sermon at 10pm on Saturday nights! Be there for good times!


The Water Closets are fine tuned!

Nice thick, solid doors! Great cement floor. Rustic shelves with old Southern furniture. Baskets of towels. Classic soap dispensers. Divine paintings referencing Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam and classic cock paintings fit into Cap. Hill quite well. Very pleasant experience, and well stocked! The posters outside the restroom with Sir Frederick Douglas will entertain if there is a line. This is where you’d bring Frank Underwood when he visits Seattle.







Cleanliness: 4 out of 5 toilets

Stocked: 5 out of 5 toilets

Unique: 4 out of 5 toilets

Smell: 5 out of 5 toilets

Nitelite Lounge: Classic Old and Dirty! They have troughs!

Nitelite Lounge: Classic Old and Dirty! They have troughs!

Nitelite Lounge: Classic Old and Dirty!

There are no places in Seattle that are known to have a stiffer beverage than the Nitelite.  This dive bar has been pouring heavy for ages, and doing it with the classic bad attitude it’s had for ages.  The Nitelite makes missing the openers for your show at the Moore worth it!  Slam a quick drink or two, and you are all set!  Great to see they decorate Eddie from Iron Maiden for the holidays! The bartenders here have the attitude you’d want in such a lovely place! They will also remind you (maybe in a not so friendly way) that it is cash only! 


The bathrooms at Nitelite hold that classic dive-tastic feeling as well!  Anyplace with a trough always gets right to my heart!  The floors are an odd good olde linoleum, and the walls are graffiti filled, and the bathroom has a strong odor that reminds you that you are indeed in a grunge, divey bathroom from the 1910’s. 




Cleanliness: 2 out of 5 toilets

Stocked: 3 out of 5 toilets

Unique: 2 out of 5 toilets

Smell: 1 out of 5 toilets

The Crocodile: Of Rockstars and Territorial Pissings

The Crocodile: Of Rockstars and Territorial Pissings

The Crocodile: Rockstar and Territorial Pissings


The Croc has earned its stars and has finally settled as a great slightly larger than intimate place to see a show! The renovations look, feel and sound great.  The charm and nuances of the previously layout are missed, but these improvements turn it into a proper venue.  The old meny was pretty great, and the Via Trib pizza is tasty!


It’s easy to find conversation in the unisex bathroom waiting room.  Last time I was there, I got to hear some good pickup lines by a dude that must have just read The Game.  He was all over it.  The Croc has Rock’n’Roll history, and the pictures of classic grunge and Seattle acts are all over the walls, with the Courtney Love rear end photo right by the nice marble trough style  watering hole/hand washing sink! crocsink2

Toilets are seperate stalls and were well kept, sparkling clean and stocked!


Cleanliness: 5 out of 5 toilets

Stocked: 5 out of 5 toilets

Unique: 3 out of 5 toilets

Smell: 4 out of 5 toilets

Shorty’s: Madhouse Bathroom!

shortysmadnessShorty’s has been a punk Belltown haven for years now.  Kickass pinball tables to eat and drink on, great pinball (Medieval Madness always has sharks waiting for next game), classic Hot Dog menu with veggie dogs even, and boozy slushies that have a kick!   Great place to see the freaks on a late night!

The Bathrooms maintain the carnival madhouse theme and even include a nasty port-a-potty scent.  It’s as grimey as a bathroom can come: pungent and dirty. On the positive side it’s well stocked everytime I’ve been there!   Graffiti has taken over all areas to add to the charm. The best part about this bathroom is the pumped in carnival music to help you get in the mood!  The feeling that scary clowns might enter at any second is present!


The swinging bathroom door gives just enough privacy to do one’s business and lets the walker byes get a small glipse of the users back! shortysdoorshortysswing

This long time Seattle punk institution makes for a great divey stop in Belltown!   shortystoiletsshortystoilet

Cleanliness: 1 out of 5 toilets

Stocked: 5 out of 5 toilets

Unique: 3 out of 5 toilets

Smell: 1 out of 5 toilets

Canon: The Bathroom Bar Has Been Set

Canon: The Bathroom Bar Has Been Set

There is no bathroom like this one in Seattle, and would be amongst the best National bathrooms lids down! Canon has set the standard. Canon is already amongst the classiest of bars in the Jet City with a elite bar staff and the classiest drinks.
But now the bathrooms at Canon are slick, brilliant and entertaining. Decorated with fancy liquor bottles in great cages.


Upon entering the bathroom, your presence triggers an old fashioned decorated speaker playing classic radio talkies. Old Ghost stories or the Postman Only Rings Twice crackling just like it would in the 20’s. You might just be enticed to staying in the can a little longer! 20130923-193625.jpg

The Herbfarm: Is the toilet paper 100 miles sourced?

The Herbfarm: Is the toilet paper 100 miles sourced?

photo (4)The Herbfarm’s bathrooms take a smaller version of Mulleady’s urinal and swank up the bathroom like only a $250 plate can afford.  Every ounce of this bathroom is curated and balanced to continue the swanky experience from head to toe once you enter the Herbfarm.  This restaurant serves up some of the fanciest food in the Seattle area with a theme for the night.  My night’s theme was the 100 Miles, with every ingrediant (including the grapes/flour/salt/pepper) being within the 100 mile diameter of the Herbfarm.  I was hoping to see that yes, even the toilet paper was 100 miles sourced!.

Great toilets, decor, smells and feels deliver the exquisite experience.  One of the best out there!

photo (5)

Cleanliness: 5 out of 5 toilets

Stocked: 5 out of 5 toilets

Unique: 5 out of 5 toilets

Smell: 5 out of 5 toilets

photo (6)

Mulleady’s Irish Bar: Urinal For Giants!

Mulleady’s Irish Bar: Urinal For Giants!

Mulleady’s is a neat and clean Irish bar in Magnolia.  It’s not your Irish bar in a box, nor divey. They have slick bar tables, and the menu is a bit top scale fancy Irish fare.  They have an excellent happy hour, and are located near Softball fields and soccer fields, so hit them up after the game for good beers on tap!

photo (3)

The highlight of Mulleady’s bathroom is the giant large white urinal that will transform you into a elementary school child again.  In your current adult form, it’s massive height and width is sure to remind you  what it felt like when you were six in front of those industrial white urinals.  This is one of my favorite toilets I’ve ever experienced!  It feels like a Hollywood prop that was used for Honey I shrunk the Kids or something.   The rest of the bathroom at Mulleady’s is standard size, and everything is clean and in order.

photophoto (1)

Cleanliness: 4 out of 5 toilets

Stocked: 5 out of 5 toilets

Unique: 4 out of 5 toilets

Smell: 4 out of 5 toilets