Add A Ball- Pinball, booze and oddities!

Add A Ball- Pinball, booze and oddities!

This Fremont video game and pinball madhouse situated in the underbelly of an odd building across from Brouwers will bring laughter and good times to most.  You wouldn’t believe that there are over 20 pinball machines and 20 video games spread among the labyrinth of this layout.  It just seems to keep going and going!   They maintain a full bar and a fun loving staff!

The bathrooms are a hoot!   It’s all makeshift, and works like a charm!  Some fun touches to make this bathroom something that Shits & Giggles was excited about! Great use of a ketchup squirt bottle for soap located on the sink.  Exposed pipes make me reminisce about Mario Bros., a redneck hotub truck outfront on hot days, tampon dispenser for the ladies via a toy machine! You may just find a spider in one of the restrooms waiting to say “Hi!” to you!






Ketchup Soap Bottles! IMG_6857.JPG


Two versions of Indiana Jones are always a plus! IMG_6870.JPG


Redneck Hot Tub Truck! IMG_6871.JPG

Tampon Dispenser! IMG_6875.JPG



Cleanliness: 2 out of 5 toilets

Stocked: 4 out of 5 toilets

Unique: 3 out of 5 toilets

Smell: 4  out of 5 toilets


Stoup Brewing: There it is!

Stoup: There it is!  This brewery was named cleverly with the owners loving both soup and stew.  Voila!

photo 1 (6)

We made another stop along the Ballard Brewery circuit!  Stoup puts out some of the best beers, and is only fitting that their restroom is classy too.  Their brewery fits into one of the side streets of industrial Ballard, and has a very open brewery concept.  The tanks are there for your eye gazing, and the staff are helpful in getting you the beer you want!

photo 2 (7)


The outside of the bathroom hides the beauty inside this industrial looking door.

photo 4 (5)


The bathrooms are dominated with a 1960’s star which adds some great class!  Bonus points for the great lighting!

photo 3 (7)photo 5 (5)photo 3 (8)
Concert posters and punk stickers fill one wall, while the others are neat and classic modern.

photo 1 (7)photo 4 (6)photo 2 (8)









Cleanliness: 4 out of 5 toilets

Stocked: 5 out of 5 toilets

Unique: 4 out of 5 toilets

Smell: 4 out of 5 toilets

Hilliard’s Brewery: Chevron Madness Never Looked Better!

Hilliard’s Brewery: Chevron Madness Never Looked Better!

Hilliards Brewery: Chevron Madness Never Looked Better!

photo 3 (6)

Bike tours to Ballard’s breweries are a new Seattle ritual. Handover your Seattle passport if you haven’t done at least one by now!  One of the best interiors of any of them is found at Hilliard’s Brewery.  They even went all the way with great bathrooms, which has made us very happy at Shits and Giggles!

photo 1 (5)


Hilliard’s focussed the bathroom on their chevron branding and used classic bathroom sinks, toilets and fixtures.

photo 2 (4)photo 2 (5)photo 1 (4)

The gold chevron does feel a bit Escher-esque after too many beers, but luckily for you, this is usually one of the last stops on your bike tour in Ballard.

photo 3 (5)photo 5 (4)photo 4 (4)




Cleanliness: 5 out of 5 toilets

Stocked: 5 out of 5 toilets

Unique: 3 out of 5 toilets

Smell: 5  out of 5 toilets


Unicorn: Keep it Flashy and Loud!

Unicorn: Keep it Flashy and Loud!

Unicorn: Keep it Flashy and Loud

It’s not often that a bar comes onto the scene and succeeds from day one, much less becomes the big monstrous bar to make sure you hit when you are visiting Seattle, or on your monthly jaunt from the Eastside on a weekend.  The Unicorn has been a massive, fun success, and just keeps getting smarter.  The decor on the outside and the inside will keep your mind sizzling! Try to win some fancy prizes at the Claw machine! Also possesses the Pinball machine of pinball machines: Medieval Madness.

photo 1 (3) photo 4 (2)

The bathrooms are all over it as well.  Their decorators went all out with the paint brushes.  The stripes are brilliant aqua, pink and black downstairs or emerald and black upstairs.  The interior of the WC’s are very functional, and industrial cement floors.  Keeps the cleaning needs easy for the masses coming through, while still keeping slick and odd.

photo 5 photo 5 (1) photo 4 photo 3 (1) photo 2 (2) photo 2 (1)

The doors are all pieces of wild art with classy flapper girl heads, unicorns and wild stallions, and Gents, Dudes,  and Ladies signs.  The paintjobs on some of the doors are intricate! Great work keeping it flashy!

photo 2 photo 2 (1) photo 3 photo 3 (3)


photo 2 photo 1 (2) photo 1 (1) photo 1

At times, the bathrooms will get a bit sweaty smelling, but it arrives more as a bad gym smell, than a nasty toiletry found at the Hurricane.   More so due to the volume going in on a Saturday night!  Amazing turn around from the previous Satellite Lounge!

Keep it Flashy and Loud Unicorn!

Cleanliness: 3 out of 5 toilets

Stocked: 4 out of 5 toilets

Unique: 5 out of 5 toilets

Smell: 2.5 out of 5 toilets

Tin Hat: Bruce Lee Wall, classy articles from Playboy and more!

Tin Hat: Bruce Lee Wall, classy articles from Playboy and more!

Tin Hat: Bruce Lee Wall, classy articles from Playboy and more!

The Tin Hat has been a Ballard dive bar mecca that all should attend. Their tater tots are famous, as is their super cheap Taco Tuesday!   Great old pinball, and super easy going staff!

Their bathrooms fall into the classice dive bathroom shape!  You get good ole fashion class here!   Plenty of Playboy articles, some of the 70’s- tastic pinups and random collage of funny ads.   The women’s restroom is a bit more porn-tastic!  There are band stickers everywhere!  You can just imagine the pride a fellow must have when they see their bands sticker on the toilet at the Tin Hat!



The hilight for me was the tribute to Seattle hero and martial arts legend  Bruce Lee!  The stall door is covered with great images of Bruce kicking ass!









Cleanliness: 2 out of 5 toilets

Stocked: 3 out of 5 toilets

Unique: 3 out of 5 toilets

Smell: 2 out of 5 toilets

Cafe Bizzarro: 700 Hobo Names and good times!

Cafe Bizzarro: 700 Hobo Names and good times!

Cafe Bizzarro: 700 Hobo Names and good times!

At Cafe Bizzarro, the gaudy over the top and all over the place decor dominates the scenery.  Great Italian food, and wonderful staff make it a great evening place for romantic getaways or fun family events!  The bathrooms of course follow suit!  Head to Wallingford to this great headroom.

If a restaurant adds audio effects to the experience, I’m a huge fan already!  Cafe Bizzarro has a looping old recording of 700 Hobo names to keep your mind laughing while you are doing you business.  Here is a bit of our experience:




With the 700 Hobo Names loop, you also have odd family photos, many at different angles, some odds and ends, peculiar collectables!






Alice leads the way to the Women’s WC!



The Men’s restroom has great lighting, and the bathroom goer must not be gunshy.  All of the odd paintings of cats, hobos and weird dudes are staring at the toilet user.




Cleanliness: 4 out of 5 toilets

Stocked: 5 out of 5 toilets

Unique: 4 out of 5 toilets

Smell: 5 out of 5 toilets

Bonus toilet for audio interaction!


Tommy Gun: Doctors Appointments Encouraged

Tommy Gun is a Capitol Hill hide out with a great hideout vibe. Running with the gangster/speakeasy vibe, the bathroom has an interesting chalk board that can lead to some good laughs! Bartenders are good conversationalists with a good hand on conjuring up and special drink requests you may need!


The bathrooms set the table with an amazing door.  Very heavy, thick wood with a great pattern carved into it.  The walls are freshly painted, and the bathroom was stocked, clean and neat.  On the wall is a huge classic Doctors Appointment Chalkboard. Candles to keep the mood lighting and scent fresh.   Some great appointments are sure to be had in this restroom.  The hallway is lined with some great Capone photos to remind you of the beaut that Al was.




Cleanliness: 4 out of 5 toilets

Stocked: 5 out of 5 toilets

Unique: 3 out of 5 toilets

Smell: 5 out of 5 toilets