Safeco Field: Some people took deuces to the sweet sounds of Jay Z and Beyonce!

Safeco Field:  Some people took deuces to the sweet sounds of Jay Z and Beyonce!

Safeco Field: Porta-Potties on the Field For Jay Z & Beyonce!

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Warning: There is a tasteless photo at the very end of this entry of the porta-potty insides.  It will disgust.  We warned you.

We had field tickets for the second concert at Safeco Field on July 30th concert. To my surprise, they had bathrooms on the field in front of the outfield wall right in front of the bullpen.  I had to join in on this special experience of urinating while on Safeco Field.  I will look upon the Mariners ground in new light. Not only have I thrown out the first pitch at Safeco, I can now say, I peed on the field too!

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Safeco looked great when Jay Z called for “Cellphones Up!”

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The Porta-potties were lined up right against the outfield wall.

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One could still hear the jams from the insides of the bathrooms. Thank you promoters!  Here is a shot from the inside of the bathroom.

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The bathrooms were clean and well kept.  Kept the funk on the outside!

Cleanliness: 4 out of 5 toilets

Stocked: 5 out of 5 toilets

Unique: 4 out of 5 toilets

Smell: 4 out of 5 toilets


However, here is your gnarly photo of what goes down at the Porta-Potty. Looks like some people took deuces to the sweet sounds of Jay Z and Beyonce!

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Unicorn: Keep it Flashy and Loud!

Unicorn: Keep it Flashy and Loud!

Unicorn: Keep it Flashy and Loud

It’s not often that a bar comes onto the scene and succeeds from day one, much less becomes the big monstrous bar to make sure you hit when you are visiting Seattle, or on your monthly jaunt from the Eastside on a weekend.  The Unicorn has been a massive, fun success, and just keeps getting smarter.  The decor on the outside and the inside will keep your mind sizzling! Try to win some fancy prizes at the Claw machine! Also possesses the Pinball machine of pinball machines: Medieval Madness.

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The bathrooms are all over it as well.  Their decorators went all out with the paint brushes.  The stripes are brilliant aqua, pink and black downstairs or emerald and black upstairs.  The interior of the WC’s are very functional, and industrial cement floors.  Keeps the cleaning needs easy for the masses coming through, while still keeping slick and odd.

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The doors are all pieces of wild art with classy flapper girl heads, unicorns and wild stallions, and Gents, Dudes,  and Ladies signs.  The paintjobs on some of the doors are intricate! Great work keeping it flashy!

photo 2 photo 2 (1) photo 3 photo 3 (3)


photo 2 photo 1 (2) photo 1 (1) photo 1

At times, the bathrooms will get a bit sweaty smelling, but it arrives more as a bad gym smell, than a nasty toiletry found at the Hurricane.   More so due to the volume going in on a Saturday night!  Amazing turn around from the previous Satellite Lounge!

Keep it Flashy and Loud Unicorn!

Cleanliness: 3 out of 5 toilets

Stocked: 4 out of 5 toilets

Unique: 5 out of 5 toilets

Smell: 2.5 out of 5 toilets

Tractor Tavern: Troughs and Tightfits.

Tractor Tavern: Troughs and Tightfits.

Tractor Tavern in Ballard is one of the few timeless places left in Old Ballard. Shows there are always smiled upon. Good divey atmosphere, great stage, above mediocre sound and a good shady bathroom! The welcoming GENTLEMEN sign warms you up!

It’s a graffitied mess in the restroom. A classic trough that fits two comfortably. A stall is available, with a ton of interesting nooks and crevices on the ceiling. The boarded up walls fit right in!

My buddy Tim and I were reviewing and photographing the scene. We had our first model opt out of being included in the shoot. He objected to a photo of the back of his shirt being used while he was trough filling. Tim stated, “He is a proud member of the small member club. Give him a break.”

The Tractors toilets were good and trashy. Smelly in a good divey way. The bathroom is compact, and keeps with the theme of a no frills rock bar. I need to get my bands stickers up on the walls!










Cleanliness: 2 out of 5 toilets

Stocked: 3 out of 5 toilets

Unique: 4 out of 5 toilets

Smell: 2 out of 5 toilets