About: Shits and Giggles Seattle

Shits and Giggles was started to review and discuss the best and worst bathrooms in Seattle!  Bathrooms are a big part of our experience, like it or not!   This blog will travel through the good and bad, the cleanest and worst and the most interesting or nefarious of bathrooms we experience.   If you would like to recommend a bathroom to us, email me and tell me where to go so I can get OCCUPIED!

Find me on Twitter at @Msbeervendor


In the meantime, you know where to find me!

2 thoughts on “About: Shits and Giggles Seattle

  1. Angry Beaver (Canadian hockey bar) in Greenwood has a pretty entertaining restroom. There’s a giant chalk board where people talk smack about each other’s teams (e.g. “Sidney Crosby sucks”, “Go Canucks”, “Beat LA”, etc.)

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