Stoup Brewing: There it is!

Stoup: There it is!  This brewery was named cleverly with the owners loving both soup and stew.  Voila!

photo 1 (6)

We made another stop along the Ballard Brewery circuit!  Stoup puts out some of the best beers, and is only fitting that their restroom is classy too.  Their brewery fits into one of the side streets of industrial Ballard, and has a very open brewery concept.  The tanks are there for your eye gazing, and the staff are helpful in getting you the beer you want!

photo 2 (7)


The outside of the bathroom hides the beauty inside this industrial looking door.

photo 4 (5)


The bathrooms are dominated with a 1960’s star which adds some great class!  Bonus points for the great lighting!

photo 3 (7)photo 5 (5)photo 3 (8)
Concert posters and punk stickers fill one wall, while the others are neat and classic modern.

photo 1 (7)photo 4 (6)photo 2 (8)









Cleanliness: 4 out of 5 toilets

Stocked: 5 out of 5 toilets

Unique: 4 out of 5 toilets

Smell: 4 out of 5 toilets

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