Cafe Bizzarro: 700 Hobo Names and good times!

Cafe Bizzarro: 700 Hobo Names and good times!

Cafe Bizzarro: 700 Hobo Names and good times!

At Cafe Bizzarro, the gaudy over the top and all over the place decor dominates the scenery.  Great Italian food, and wonderful staff make it a great evening place for romantic getaways or fun family events!  The bathrooms of course follow suit!  Head to Wallingford to this great headroom.

If a restaurant adds audio effects to the experience, I’m a huge fan already!  Cafe Bizzarro has a looping old recording of 700 Hobo names to keep your mind laughing while you are doing you business.  Here is a bit of our experience:




With the 700 Hobo Names loop, you also have odd family photos, many at different angles, some odds and ends, peculiar collectables!






Alice leads the way to the Women’s WC!



The Men’s restroom has great lighting, and the bathroom goer must not be gunshy.  All of the odd paintings of cats, hobos and weird dudes are staring at the toilet user.




Cleanliness: 4 out of 5 toilets

Stocked: 5 out of 5 toilets

Unique: 4 out of 5 toilets

Smell: 5 out of 5 toilets

Bonus toilet for audio interaction!


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